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New for the 2017-2018 season

For more information before leagues start, come to the Membership meeting October 16th @ 6:00 pm at the THCC.

Individual Membership dues/fees:

  • THCC current member will pay $170 for the annual club membership fee.
  • First year membership fee is $60.
  • Junior membership fee is $60.
  • Social membership fee is $50 (not on a roster but can sub up to 5 times).
  • Locker fee is $20.
  • Key card fee is $20

Team fees:

  • Each league will have a team fee of $160 for the team. This is divided among team members as they wish. Some teams have 4 members, so $40 each. Other teams may have 5 and rotate equally, have 5 and one is just an alternate, have 5 and 2 people alternate weeks, etc. So it’s up to each team to decide. One payment for the team should be made.
  • The sponsor fee of $50 for each team remains the same as last year.

All membership dues and team fees are to be paid no later than December 16, 2017. A $25 penalty will be assessed for late payment.

League Rules and Etiquette

2017-18 League Standings

Monday 5:30 League Scores
Monday 7:30 League Scores
Tuesday League Scores
Wed  5:30 League Scores
Wed  7:30 League Scores
Thursday League Scores

League schedules are located under the quick links on the main page.

2017-18 League Teams
Monday Teams
Tuesday Teams
Wednesday Men’s Teams
Wednesday Open Teams
Thursday Teams


Monday Open League – 5:30 and 7:30
League Chairs:  Dave Mount

Tuesday Open Competitive League – 6:30
League Chair:  Chris Camper

Wednesday Men’s League – 5:00
League Chair: Terry Norlen

Wednesday Open League – 7:15
League Chair: Brice Hansen

Thursday Open League 7:00
League Chair:  David Clanaugh

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